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If your teen is interested in getting their tongue pierced, there are four reasons why this is a terrible idea. If your teens pierces their tongue, they could experience:

Chipped teeth
It is highly likely that your teen will fracture their teeth if they pierce their tongue. Many people tend to chip their teeth on their oral jewelry when they eat, sleep, talk, and chew. If a tooth becomes fractured, a dental filling, root canal therapy, and even tooth extraction could be required.

Tongue piercings often make the tongue swell after being punctured. Sometimes the swelling becomes too extreme and it can cut off a person’s breathing. When this happens, the doctor will need to pass a breathing tube through the patient’s nose until the swelling goes down.

Infections are dangerous, and it is very common for an infection to develop after a tongue piercing. The tongue is covered with bacteria, and once the tongue is pierced, the bacteria is introduced to the blood. Then, the infection can transfer to other areas of the body, like the heart, and cause major complications.

Allergic reactions
Allergic reactions can also be dangerous. Many people are allergic to certain kinds of metals. So, if you decide to let your teen pierce their tongue, make sure the piercer uses a surgical-grade stainless steel tool and your teen also wears jewelry that they are not allergic to.

These four issues are serious and dangerous, which is why Dr. Greg L. Wolfe and our team at Greg Wolfe Family Dentistry encourage you to disapprove of the tongue piercing. We want you and your family members to have the best oral health possible, and the only way to make that happen is by preventing the piercing of the tongue. If you would like to know more about the dangers of tongue piercing, please feel free to call 805-654-1174 today and talk to our caring dental team. We look forward to helping you!