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Teeth that are lost to severe oral trauma, chronic gum disease or untreated cavities can hamper your essential oral function and lead to other complications. When multiple teeth are lost in one area the negative effect can be compounded, often leading to problems with obscured speech as well as an unsightly smile.

In many of these cases, a dentist like Dr. Greg L. Wolfe can provide the patient with a custom partial denture. It is a sophisticated oral appliance that is designed to replicate physical presence and basic function of the missing teeth.

The removable partial denture is essentially a smaller version of a complete denture. Depending on the location of the void in your mouth and the number of teeth being replicated, the partial denture might also include small oral hardware components. The elements can help secure a tight relationship with the neighboring teeth and the underlying gums.

Many partial denture users also like to use a little denture adhesive when they installed the oral appliance each morning. Just a small bead applied to the base can provide an extra secure hold while also helping to block out food particles. Just be sure to rinse away any residual denture adhesive every time you take the partial denture out.

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