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Large fillings, especially those on the biting surface of a back tooth tend to have a finite lifespan. Poor oral hygiene habits can further weaken the bond holding a large filling to the surrounding tooth enamel. This might cause heightened sensitivity or a change in the tooth’s color or texture.

If you procrastinate having a distressed filling repaired at Dr. Greg L. Wolfe in Ventura, California, the bacterial presence could cause it to fall out. If this happens, there is rarely sufficient healthy dental structure remaining for our dentist to repair the tooth with a filling. In a situation like this, he might recommend a crown restoration.

The process starts by removing the tooth enamel. This leaves behind a post of dentin that encases the pulp and root of the tooth. Eventually, Dr. Greg L. Wolfe will eventually use this abutment to anchor the crown into your mouth.

Next, Dr. Greg L. Wolfe will prepare a detailed impression of the area, including the abutment and the related teeth in your bite pattern. It will be sent to a dental lab to serve as a guide while they create your crown. He will then secure a temporary crown over the abutment to protect it.

You will need to come back in for a brief second appointment when your new crown is ready. Dr. Greg L. Wolfe will remove the temporary crown, and your permanent crown will be cemented atop the abutment.

If you have a tooth with a bad filling and you live in the Ventura, California area, please call 805-654-1174 to have it treated by Dr. Greg L. Wolfe. We look forward to restoring your smile!