Prepare Your Child for Fall by Using Our Tips

Fall is a fun, exciting time of year that includes the beginning of school, sports, and the holiday season. It’s quite the busy time for you and your child, so it’s important to take the steps now to prepare your child’s smile for the fall season. Dr. will be happy to help you do that… Read more »

Adults Can Suffer from Cavities Too

Unfortunately, cavities aren’t just for kids—they can attack adult smiles too. This means your smile isn’t invulnerable to the painful, inconvenient, and dangerous holes that can form in teeth. However, fortunately, there are things you can do to increase your chances of never suffering a cavity again. First, clean your smile regularly. This means you… Read more »

Teeth Whitening Options

Have you even thought about brightening your teeth, but are unsure which treatment method to use? Given the number of products on the market, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. As with any dental or medical product, you should always use teeth whiteners as instructed. Many stores sell over-the-counter teeth whiteners in an assortment… Read more »

Toothbrush Tips and Tricks

Have you thought that the condition of your toothbrush can affect the condition of your teeth? If you stop to think about it, if your toothbrush is filled with bacteria, then your teeth will be too. Dr. and our team here at in , , cares for your oral health, which is why we are… Read more »

I Need a Silver Dental Filling. What Is the Treatment Process?

Are you about to repair your tooth with an amalgam (silver) dental filling?  At our practice in , , we offer two main types of fillings for our patients needing a tooth filled. If our dentist, Dr. , has helped you choose a silver filling, there is a reason! Silver fillings are made of a… Read more »

Oral Cancer Tips

Oral cancer is a condition that needs to be caught early. If ignored or left untreated, it can become fatal. Did you know, your oral health care checkups include a free cancer screening? Well, it’s true! Luckily, our team here at in , , cares for your oral health and strives to give you the… Read more »

A Tooth Missing a Large Filling Might Need to Be Restored by a Crown

Large fillings, especially those on the biting surface of a back tooth tend to have a finite lifespan. Poor oral hygiene habits can further weaken the bond holding a large filling to the surrounding tooth enamel. This might cause heightened sensitivity or a change in the tooth’s color or texture. If you procrastinate having a… Read more »

Can Gum Disease Cause Tooth Loss?

Can gum disease cause tooth loss? Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is a pretty common, yet serious oral infection to your gum tissue. Gum disease is caused by an assortment of factors, including plaque buildup within our mouths, that if left untreated, can steadily damage your gums and cause irreparable tooth loss. Prevent… Read more »

Tooth Loss Can Often Be Addressed by a Dental Implant

If you’ve lost a tooth to untreated tooth decay or if it was severely damaged and required extraction, it can compromise your mouth in multiple ways. Even if you adapt to the reduced ability to chew and any impact to your appearance, you can still suffer orthodontic complications. As time goes by, the structural loss… Read more »

The Harmful Affects of Soda on Your Oral Health

Would it surprise you to learn that your diet can actually have a major influence on the health of your teeth and gums? For instance, sugars typically create an environment where bad bacteria can grow. With this in mind, would you be surprised to hear there are a number of problems you could have to… Read more »