Our caring dentist and dental team at Greg Wolfe Family Dentistry understand that not everyone feels at home at the dental office. In fact, many patients struggle with dental anxiety, and this makes it difficult for these patients to receive the care they need. Dr. Greg L. Wolfe is pleased to offer sedation dentistry to help you feel more comfortable and at ease during your visits to our office. We offer two main types of sedation dentistry:

  • Nitrous oxide: This is a mild sedative gas that you inhale during your treatment to help you feel more relaxed. Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is very safe and has few side effects. You will remain awake during your treatment, but you will feel very calm and may even experience tingly or floating sensations. Following your treatment, you will be able to safely drive yourself home.
  • Oral sedation: This kind of sedation involves taking a sedative pill before your appointment at our office. By the time of your treatment, you will feel relaxed and at ease. Oral sedation is a form of conscious sedation, meaning it will not make you unconscious, but it is normal if you do not remember all of the details of your visit. With oral sedation, be certain to have a friend or family member available to drive you to and from your appointment.

To learn more about sedation dentistry, oral sedation, and nitrous oxide in Ventura, California, we invite you to contact our office today. We are eager to care for you!