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When permanent teeth develop, they cause the roots of a child’s baby teeth to reabsorb, making them loose. This looseness, on top of pressure from the permanent teeth, causes baby teeth to fall out so they can make way for the permanent ones. Here are a few things parents may want to know about this time period when their children lose teeth.

  • Children lose their teeth when they are between 6 and 12 years old.
  • The front teeth are usually lost first and the rest of the teeth follow to the back of the mouth (though you shouldn’t be worried if this happens out of order).
  • You should not pull out a baby tooth if it is only a little loose. This can not only be painful for your child, but it often indicates that the tooth isn’t ready to fall out yet.
  • Let your child be the one to play with and inevitably pull the loose tooth. They can feel how loose it is and if pulling it is too painful.
  • If your child swallows a baby tooth, don’t worry. They will not choke on it or experience any other problems.
  • If your child asks you to pull out a very loose tooth, do so by holding it firmly with a tissue and pulling with a quick twist.