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Are you aware of the risks to your oral health associated with mouth jewelry? Mouth jewelry is an oral health condition in which your teeth and gums are often at risk due to movable parts that you place in your mouth. Typically, oral piercings consist of lip and tongue rings. When a lip or tongue ring is in place, it can cause further dental damage. Furthermore, when they’re inserted, it can lead to several oral health risks as well.

One of the biggest risks associated with mouth jewelry is the fact that they often contain hard pieces. These hard pieces are often made of a metal or hard plastic that can swing around your mouth and damage your teeth with ease. Furthermore, if they should ever break off, they will pose an immediate choking hazard. If that isn’t enough, any open wounds in your mouth can become contaminated due to the germs on them, which will lead to infectious diseases including hepatitis or endocarditis.

Even the act of placing lip rings in your mouth can cause damage. When inserted, they can lead to nerve damage or burst blood vessels. This damage is often permanent. Furthermore, many individuals may also be allergic to the materials in a lip or tongue ring and not even know it until after it’s already been placed. To help keep your smile safe, be sure to talk to your dentist about the risk factors associated with mouth jewelry to help make sure you are better informed to make whichever decision is best for you.

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