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We all know that some foods can change the color of your tongue—and there’s no problem with that. But, what if your tongue is the wrong color when you haven’t eaten anything? Of course, we recommend visiting a dentist a soon as possible, but we’re happy to list a few things you possible reasons.

One of the most intimidating colors for your tongue to be is black. To make matters worse, this condition is commonly called black hairy tongue because—as the name suggests—it looks like hairs are growing from your tongue. Luckily, they’re not. Typically, the most important thing you can do counteract this problem is practice sound oral health.

A bright red tongue can often mean you have a vitamin deficiency. At other times, especially if you have a fever, it could be an indicator of Scarlet Fever. If a child under five has a fever and red tongue, they could have Kawasaki syndrome. Fortunately, both Kawasaki syndrome and Scarlet Fever can be treated.

Similarly, if your tongue is white you could have a condition known as leukoplakia. While this condition is not dangerous, it can be a sign of cancer. Oral thrush, which is a yeast infection, can be the result of thrush. Luckily, this problem can be treated by just eating plain yogurt.

Do you have more questions about what your tongue says about your health? If so, please feel free to contact us today. We are excited to hear from you.