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Would it surprise you to learn that your diet can actually have a major influence on the health of your teeth and gums? For instance, sugars typically create an environment where bad bacteria can grow. With this in mind, would you be surprised to hear there are a number of problems you could have to cope with if you decide to drink soda on a regular basis?

As you may already know, men and women of all ages enjoy soda. However, please know that your pearly whites could be negatively affected by soda consumption, regardless of your age or gender. The acids from soda may actually wear down your enamel. This is a problem because once your enamel is gone, you won’t be able to get it back. To make matters worse, once your enamel is gone, you’ll be much more susceptible to problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

In general, there are a number of things you could be able to do mitigate the impact of drinking soda. For example, after you drink a soda, you could try rinsing out your pearly whites with water. Conversely, flossing and brushing your teeth may help, but it is vital that you wait at least thirty minutes before you actually brush. If you don’t wait, you may be damaging your teeth and gums, which will actually weaken your teeth. You may also want to consider removing soda from your diet. We recommend considering other options, such as kombucha, juices, or seltzer water.

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