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Have you thought that the condition of your toothbrush can affect the condition of your teeth? If you stop to think about it, if your toothbrush is filled with bacteria, then your teeth will be too. Dr. Greg L. Wolfe and our team here at Greg Wolfe Family Dentistry in Ventura, California, cares for your oral health, which is why we are thrilled to give you information about your toothbrush and how to care for it properly.

For starters, the American Dental Association recommends changing your toothbrush every four to six months or if the bristles become too frayed. Switching out your toothbrush is the key to keeping your toothbrush healthy because it will keep your teeth in the best shape possible. It is also imperative to note, if you suffer an illness it is also a good idea to switch out your toothbrush after you are healed, so you do not carry the germs and bacteria from the illness back into your smile.

When it comes to storing your distinct toothbrush, remember to keep it in a clean, dry place. If you let it dry properly, you can keep bacteria from moving into the bristles. If your toothbrush is placed in a spot that is exposed to other bacteria, that can seep into your toothbrush and spread in your mouth. So, remember to always keep your toothbrush in a safe, clean place, so your teeth can be kept in tip-top shape!

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