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When it comes to choosing a material for dental crowns, you have several options. We encourage you to choose a type of material based on whether you need a dental crown for cosmetic or functional reasons. Our dentist can recommend porcelain, metal, and gold material depending on where the dental crown will be located in your mouth.

Many patients prefer a porcelain ceramic material to treat front teeth since the crown can easily blend with the existing teeth without causing any noticeable or un-cosmetic changes in your smile. Porcelain material can be more brittle than other dental materials or than your original teeth, and may not be ideal for molar and premolar, which need to grind up hard and crunchy foods.

You can receive base-metal crowns, which are comprised of a mixture of dental metals and are very durable against normal wear or fractures. However, the metallic appearance means they are usually not ideal for the more noticeable teeth in your smile.

If you need to treat a durable tooth, you can choose porcelain fused to metal, in which a metal crown receives a porcelain exterior to help it blend in with your surrounding teeth. The metal may be apparent near your gum line, especially if you have developed periodontal disease or are suffering from receding gums.

A fourth option is gold alloys, which are a combination of different metals such as gold and copper. Gold dental crowns can be an excellent choice for molars, particularly for patients who suffer from tooth friction problems such as grinding their teeth.

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