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Tooth extraction is a serious and extensive dental treatment, and you need to prepare for the appointment so you can have everything set and ready to go. Because preparation might be a little tough if you’re not sure what to do, our dentist, Dr. Greg L. Wolfe, and our dental team have some tips to help.

– It’s beneficial to double check the appointment time for your extraction. That way you will be prepared and you won’t be late. We also recommend making travel plans with your family or friends. We do not advise that you drive after the treatment because the sedation could still be in full effect.

– For a smooth treatment, we recommend fasting 8-12 hours before your appointment. Do not eat or drink anything after midnight the night before you come into our office. However, if you have a health condition that does not make this possible, please call our office and inform us of the situation.

– For calm nerves, you can ask your dentist about the details of the treatment. If you know exactly what is going to happen, you can use the time between appointments to prepare for everything that is required for a tooth extraction. This will also help you feel less nervous and anxious.

Preparing for the extraction will help your appointment remain trouble-free and smooth. If you need any help preparing or if you have any questions about tooth extraction in Ventura, California, we are happy to help you in any way we can—all you need to do is call Greg Wolfe Family Dentistry at 805-654-1174 and talk to our friendly dental team. We look forward to hearing from you!